At Vestyx Technologies, explore the potential of PaaS as cloud service resource.

Platform as a service (PaaS) is a category of cloud computing services. We here at, Vestyx Technologies provides a platform allowing our clients to develop, run, and manage web applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching an app. The platform in PaaS is, in the most general sense, whatever pre-existing environment a piece of software is designed to run within, obeying its constraints, and making use of its facilities. Typical platforms include a hardware architecture, an operating system (OS), and runtime libraries. We deliver PaaS in two ways: as a public cloud service, where the client controls software deployment and configuration settings, and we handle the networks, servers, storage and other services to host the client's application; or as software installed in private data centers or public infrastructure as a service and managed by internal IT departments.

There are essentially two types of PaaS solutions: application delivery only PaaS solutions and complete PaaS solutions. The former only delivers the bare bones functionality that is needed to host applications in the cloud. Facilities for developing, debugging or testing SaaS solutions are not available with this type of PaaS solution. The later, provides a robust computing platform with a full solution stack that enables the efficient management and delivery of on demand software.

Complete PaaS solutions where Vestyx Technologies provides a platform for SaaS Development, SaaS Deployment and SaaS Testing, in support of the full application life cycle. Our complete PaaS solution also offers the following capabilities: team collaboration tools, security management tools, database integration tools, application version management and more. On a detailed level, a complete PaaS solution includes the following features: user on-boarding or provisioning, subscription management, billing & metering, payment processing, reporting & analytics and more. Our PaaS offering is an example of a complete PaaS solution that delivers a full set of features that fully support the operational requirements of SaaS solution providers or ISV’s (independent software vendors).

There are several key traits that our PaaS solutions have in common with one another, that go beyond the ability to host, develop, deploy, test or maintain on-demand software solutions. These characteristics are related to PaaS architecture. One of these traits is multi-tenant architecture, which is a characteristic of PaaS design that facilitates the concurrent use of the same cloud computing resource by multiple users. Multi-tenancy is a primary factor in the cost efficient delivery cloud computing services. Another key PaaS design trait is the inclusion of SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) interfaces, REST (Representational State Transfer) interfaces or Web API’s, which allow PaaS to support the delivery of a conglomeration of services, also sometimes referred to as "mash-ups". The inclusion of these interfaces also facilitate component reuse and data integration from various applications, which provide further efficiency and cost savings opportunities for organizations that utilize PaaS solutions in the cloud.

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