Vestyx Technologies provides technologies & solutions for complete digitization of institutions.

Advances in information technology has revolutionized how people communicate and learn in nearly every aspect of modern life and to a little extent in education too. The education system operates under the antiquated needs of an agrarian and industrial World. In the early days of development of imparting education through schools had an enduring industrial mentality placing students in arbitrary groups based on their age regardless of their competencies. Due to limited use of technology in the field of education, it has failed to transform our schools education and administration. Sometimes the education governance system also insulates them from the disruptions that technology creates in other organizations. Still an old mind set regulates schools perhaps more than any other aspect. Rules govern where students study, how they will learn, who will teach them and how administration is run. Education regulation governs the relationships of actors in the system and stymies the impact of innovative technologies. Furthermore the diffuse system of traditional governance creates numerous veto points to further limit innovation and use of technology.

To overcome these obstacles, Vestyx Technologies has successfully deviced solutions and custom technologies to suit every school which will empower them and help in spread of education rather than schooling. We, at Vestyx Technologies argue that there are five strategies for successful administration adoption of education technology and that these principles will help fulfill the potential that Edison saw a century ago.

Firstly, schools must use technology that empowers teachers and administration. Secondly, teachers should treat the adoption of technology as part of lesson planning. Thirdly, school administration and teachers should not fear technology. Fourthly, schools must use digital education portfolios to evaluate students. Fifthly, schools should use technologies to digitize their academics, administration and accounts.

Undoubtedly weak financial support inhibits the adoption of education technology. Despite this obstacle, schools and teachers have been working together with tremendous potential to reform education. Every day schools face choices about how to implement the curriculum and instruct students. It is in those moments when Vestyx Technologies comes into the picture to engage in education reform that has a real impact on school administration, teachers, students and parents. We, at Vestyx Technologies have deviced education technologies that are affordable, easy to use, and definitely improve the student learning curve. We, with our solution and technologies ease the burden of administration allowing schools, teachers and parents more time to plan what matters the most.

One of the solution that Vestyx Technologies provides to contribute to digitization of schools is Endelpis™. It is a hybrid cERP application available in both web as well as standalone versions which helps in effective and controlled running of the operations of a school. The software is considered to be perfect for storing, mining, controlling and centralizing of the activities of the entire school. In other words, it helps in mining and controlling of all the activities and operations being carried out in a school. It also maintains the record of the data of the entire educational institute which can be used as and when required. The administrators and teachers of a particular school work hard but due to some reason or the other fail. This might happen due to untrustworthy and convoluted computer systems being used by them. In order to avoid any kind of inaccuracy and default, the school management system can be used. It is highly integrated, user friendly and elastic software which helps in providing various effective tools that can be used in the administration, academics and accounts department. Secure, comprehensive, and robust – the finance module provides a fast and effective way to register financial transactions, automate transactions, and generate financial reports that will help you gain financial insight on managing costs and expenditures. In other words, this software helps in providing various tools which helps in effective controlling and functioning of all department of school. This software has been tailored in order to fit the needs and wants of every institute.

Other than Endelpis™, Vestyx Technologies provides various other solutions that contributes to the complete digitization of schools. Our various other solutions and technologies enable educators to improve accounts management, communications, enhance student learning, digital profiling, controls costs, manage internet access, track school buses and more.

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