Vestyx Technologies provides hybrid cERP software solution for the competitive industry needs.

Many small to mid-sized businesses believe that they can do without an ERP system. They believe that their operation is simple enough that they can control it with a few spreadsheets. Often, this is simply not the case. ERP systems not only help you manage your business but it assists them grow.

At Vestyx Technologies, we have developed a Hybrid cERP for any business size with a tailored approach to bust all those myths. Endelpis™ generates real-time information for quick decisions vital for your business. Without Endelpis™, your team is flying blind. You may make decisions based on guesswork and rules of thumb because you don't have the relevant data you need. Sometimes you may make right decisions, but more often, they are sub-optimum decisions that can cost you money and client goodwill. We have designed our hybrid cERP, Endelpis™ to support specific industries and verticals. As you add customers, Endelpis™ evolves itself according to the industry best practices and incorporate them into itself. By implementing Endelpis™ designed for your industry, you automatically make your business processes more efficient. Endelpis™ caters to the needs of the following verticals and industries.

Education - We, at Vestyx Technologies contribute to digitization of schools through Endelpis™. It is a hybrid cERP application available in both web as well as standalone versions which helps in effective and controlled running of the operations of a school. The software is considered to be perfect for storing, mining, controlling and centralizing of the activities of the entire school. In other words, it helps in mining and controlling of all the activities and operations being carried out in a school. It also maintains the record of the data of the entire educational institute which can be used as and when required. The administrators and teachers of a particular school work hard but due to some reason or the other fail. This might happen due to untrustworthy and convoluted computer systems being used by them. In order to avoid any kind of inaccuracy and default, the school management system can be used. It is highly integrated, user friendly and elastic software which helps in providing various effective tools that can be used in the administration, academics and accounts department. Secure, comprehensive, and robust – the finance module provides a fast and effective way to register financial transactions, automate transactions, and generate financial reports that will help you gain financial insight on managing costs and expenditures. In other words, this software helps in providing various tools which helps in effective controlling and functioning of all department of school. This software has been tailored in order to fit the needs and wants of every institute.

Finance - Our hybrid software solution Endelpis™ will provide you the much needed edge over other software in the market. Our custom made approach for each individual client not only defies the thought, one size fits all but also accepts individuality of personality and needs. When starting a new budgeting system, manually entering hundreds of transactions and potentially missing one that will throw off your whole budget and can be a big headache. To avoid such headache and potential human errors, our software solutions syncs directly to your financial institution and brokerage accounts, transferring transactions, trades and balances and automatically updating new information as it comes in. When transactions transfer, the program automatically categorizes them into budgets based on the origin of the charge. When you are away from your desktop, you can still manage your finances and add or edit transaction from your smart phone or tablet. Unlike many other generic software solution available that require intermediary programs like Dropbox, our software solutions directly syncs with its mobile apps without the necessity of any other software. With the mobile apps, you can view all account balances and transactions, the status of your finances, and alerts and notifications. You can manually add transactions as needed, and Endelpis™ and kWorton™ allow you to snap a picture of your receipts and save them in the program. Managing your finances couldn't be this easier, whether you are a home-maker or banker.

Retail - Customers are always right and no better than the retail industry knows. Your customers would love to have an accurate delivery date, and Endelpis™ can help you provide them along with improved inventory and shop floor visibility. In addition, the increased visibility and accuracy will help you improve your DIFOT rate (delivery in full on time), which helps keep customers happy. Endelpis™ calculates and collects costs so you always have an accurate picture of your product cost and margins. Your company can achieve better operational efficiency. By helping you to plan production more effectively, your operational efficiency will improve as you reduce setups and teardowns or unnecessary downtime. The uniformity of record data that Endelpis™ instills will help ensure that your records are more accurate, which will increase process accuracy across the board. MRP, a component of Endelpis™, will help you balance supply and demand so you can reduce inventory while keeping customers happy. Better scheduling and accurate records ensure that your schedules focus on priorities, leading to shorter lead times. Since you won’t have as many orders waiting for tooling or parts, your throughput will increase.

Manufacturing - Fast times to market mean that companies need to become more structured in their approach to managing innovation – great product ideas cannot be left to chance. Implementing procedures that keep a steady stream of new product ideas and innovations in the pipeline is essential to manufacturing success. Fast global expansion, shrinking product lifecycles, constantly evolving customer expectations, and the rise of multi-channel commerce are compelling manufacturing organizations to build more agile and responsive supply chains. Endelpis™ addresses supply chain risk management along with improved top line and bottom line by enhancing visibility across value chain. We, at Vestyx Technologies offer multi-dimensional services spanning IT led business transformation and support for IT solutions, and value-added services such as outsourcing, and consulting. Endelpis™ has been carefully crafted to drive competitive differentiation. Our hybrid cERP solution Endelpis™, has been uniquely optimized for manufacturing industries which serves the ever changing needs of the industry. Its tailored approach addresses needs according to your business size and demands and how complex processes of service-level management must operate to optimize ROI and the customer experience.

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