We ensure organized and optimized financial solutions amidst financial jargon.

As we speak of management of finance, whether it be a home maker or professional banker, its always a tough net to crack. One of the primary functions of the best professional or home financial management is the ability to create an optimized budget so you can stay on top of your finances and stay out of the red. Another option is to set saving goals, taking that amount you did not spend and putting it away. You may plan premier offers with saving goals and growth. You can set the goal amount and the due date. Both these tasks tend to be hectic as well as a financial jargon. This assigning process is needs to be extremely accurate, and also should not miss the mark on a transaction. Management of transaction categories as needed, including the transaction type, group and description needs to be accurate and optimized. Financial management for professionals and home refers to the efficient and effective management of money (funds) in such a manner as to accomplish the objectives of the organization or home. It needs to be specialized function directly associated with the accounts management.

When Robert Kiyosaki in his 1997 best-seller 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' ask us not to work for money but make money work for us, he meant that by creating assets. We, at Vestyx Technologies have created a solution that would act as an asset for you and all your financial affairs. We not only provide technology solutions for professionals like bankers and chartered accountants but also for home makers. We provide you with custom made hybrid CRM and dynamic ERP solutions that best suites you needs.

Our hybrid software solutions Endelpis™ and kWorton™ will provide you the much needed edge over other software in the market. Our custom made approach for each individual client not only defies the thought, one size fits all but also accepts individuality of personality and needs. When starting a new budgeting system, manually entering hundreds of transactions and potentially missing one that will throw off your whole budget can be a headache. To avoid such headache and potential human errors, our software solutions syncs directly to your financial institution and brokerage accounts, transferring transactions, trades and balances and automatically updating new information as it comes in. When transactions transfer, the program automatically categorizes them into budgets based on the origin of the charge.

When you are away from your desktop, you can still manage your finances and add or edit transaction from your smart phone or tablet. Unlike many other generic software solution available that require intermediary programs like Dropbox, our software solutions directly syncs with its mobile apps without the necessity of any other software. With the mobile apps, you can view all account balances and transactions, the status of your budgets, and alerts and notifications. You can manually add transactions as needed, and Endelpis™ and kWorton™ allow you to snap a picture of your receipts and save them in the program.

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